Christmas Light

«24. December 2013»

Merry Christmas and a happy new Year

For the feast of love we from Squirrel Entertainment wish you all the best, lots of beautiful presents, lots of healthy and that all your wishes for yourself become true.

In this sense, we wish you a beautiful and relaxing Christmas and a good start in the new year 2014! *<|:D

As a small present and as small suggestion to make something by yourself here is the small instruction for an easy window christmas light like the one in the picture.
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Squirrel Entertainment goes English

«19. December 2013»

Squirrel Entertainment goes English

Finally, after more than 6 years, all contents and contributions of Squirrel Entertainment will be published in German and English in the future. This represents a further important step for future projects and helps to get in contact for the first time or rather we have the fist real chance to get in contact with all people worldwide. So we are closer to the internationalization than ever before and we also look forward to the upcoming new challenges!

Many dear greetings
Your SQE Team :D
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Squirrel Entertainment old site

«1. December 2013»

Restart of the Squirrel Entertainment Website

Squirrel Entertainment is back with a new design and new projects. After a lot of work and a lot of stress in the last months there are enough free resources to get back to take care of Squirrel Entertainment again and to a much greater extent than ever before.

So the first major project is coming up and going already making great strides in the preparation phase. There are hardworking on new editors for 3D processing, editors for Pathfinding, dialog creation and much more created. After the completion of the personal SDK it will go forward in development ...
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3D Layer Builder V2.0

«20. November 2013»

3D Layer Builder V2.0

The newest editor and also the first for the new major project of a full-time Adventure, have the possibility to manage up to 50 different 3D objects in position, align and create 2D sprites from these objects.

This makes it possible to create a resource-saving game environment without graphical quality loss and gives the illusion of a real 3D modeled World. Besides the aforementioned positioning options, the editor also offers options for texturisation, scaling, Z-level changes and background texturisation with various storage and loading options. ...
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Facebook Picture Creator v1.0

«2. May 2013»

Release of the Facebook Picture Creator v1.0

This editor gives you the possiblity to create perfect Facebook profile pictures with only a few clicks. This handy tool is specially for the Facebook timeline. It gives you the possiblities to create the ...
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Bachelorarbeit mit Display Prototyp

«30. August 2013»


After the last four months of hard work, it is done. I have passed my last exams and now I am official a 'Bachelor of Engineering of Technical Informatics - Embedded Systems'.
The toppic of my Final Exam is ...
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